The majestic gemstone you are viewing is one of a kind. They’re molded by the depths of pressure and steam, dug from ancient copper workers of a lost time and collected by only the toughest enthusiasts. Carved and polished by only the most dedicated masters. Sought after for its rarity, elegance, and chatoyancy.

Chlorastrolite is a gemstone duly noted by a turtleback pattern. Its Chatoyant glamour enhances when sunbeams hit the stellate masses of the Pumpellyite structures. The colors of Chlorastrolite can range from dark black & green (most common) to bright white & yellow (rarest). Not to mention the plethora of other minerals that can be associated and mixed in with the gemstone. These neighboring minerals are called inclusions.

Chlorastrolite goes by many names. The most common is Isle Royale Greenstone. Named after the Island located at the top of Lake Superior. An island resembling a brush stroke from God Himself. A secluded, isolated heaven that houses and protects these rich Gemstones. Since 1998, Chlorastrolite has been restricted from rock seekers on the island.

There is still a place where these stunning stones can be discovered and collected legally. That place is called the Keweenaw Peninsula - my favorite place to visit during the summer months. Much of the Keweenaw is uninhabited the farther north you go. Huge expanses of land with no highways, houses, or industry. A place where fresh air is abundant. Where the sounds of nature are uninterrupted and allowed to gracefully harmonize with one another.

Now speaking directly to you, my viewer and what brings you here. Are you looking for something different? Have you been wanting a Greenstone for sometime and just haven’t found a stone that speaks to you? Are you looking to give someone you hold dear and close to your heart a chance to be wowed and feel really appreciated? These questions I am wondering about you.

One of my biggest passions I have had in life are these little gemstones. To showcase them in a way that exploits their true beauty. To reveal to the world that there is still so much to be discovered by putting something new around your neck and having someone ask, “What stone is that? Where do you get that?” To hear statements of, “Wow, that Gemstone is beautiful!”, “Wow you're so lucky!”, “I wish I had one!”, “I didn’t even know that stone existed!”, “What’s it called?”, “Where can I find one?”.

These are true real statements that countless thousands have said to me over and over. To think you could be a teacher, a storyteller for this stone just by putting it around your neck, on your finger, or on your ears. Someone will notice - the ones you know really matter. It gives you a chance to be even more sophisticated, more unique, and possibly a trend setter.

This is what drives me to further my passion for these stones. To give them life, so they can be shared with yours.