About Wild Superior Gems

Wild Superior Gems has emerged from a dreamer with creative abilities, guided by a divine force of sacrifice, a selfless love for family, a drive to make a full life even more plentiful, and a combination of obsessive rock adornment mixed in with enthusiasm of the wild outdoors.

With a strike of an idea, born 17 years ago, to be self reliant through owning a business. Has been refined with many trials and tribulations. Wild Superior Gems was born from all that wisdom of life pieced together as a home based jewelry business.

Organically forged jewelry to symbolize a time when everything was handmade. To keep away from duplications of molds and stamps. Here at Wild Superior Gems, we start from scratch, melting our own metals, rolling it, pounding it, and polishing stones we've collected. Every piece of jewelry is uniquely devoted to just one person.

Jewelry to us is understanding that people are not numbers on a page, but complex emotional beings trying to tell the world a little about themselves to someone who might actually listen. Jewelry is a great way to communicate a person's interests, beliefs, style and most of all to connect with another person with similar interests.

Here at Wild Superior Gems, we look past superficial shells we all put on and to see the real you with no judgement. We want to connect with you on the level of similar interests like jewelry, the amazing outdoor adventure, passion and love.