Marquette Agates

Marquette Agates are one of those agates that not a whole lot of people know about. From what I understand, they are deposited here in Marquette Michigan from the glaciers that scraped the grounds of Canada.

They are a form of cold water, seam agate that usually doesn’t have much of an agate pattern. The agate patterns that can be found are usually 1 or 2 layers thick on just one side of the Jasper/chalcedony/quartz rocks they are found on. In some rare cases, (I mean very rare), a high grade example will come along that actually forms into a cold water agate with complete banding. However, even these agates tend to have voids throughout them.

Only 1 in a thousand is suitable enough to actually turn into a Cabochon or have any really good banding. They also can have beautiful geodes inside an druzy agate!

There are also Marquette Tube Agates and Sagenitic Agates that can be found in the same host material. The best beach to find these agates is located in front of the dome in Marquette.

They are one of my favorite agates just due to the fact it’s from my home! 

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